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La Santisima Muerte Statue, Attract a Lover, Spirits of the Dead, Promises, Luck

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La Santisima Muerte Statue, Attract a Lover, Spirits of the Dead, Promises, Luck

La Santisima Muerte Statue or the most Holy Death Statue, is the goddess of death, some even say it is the Virgin Mary as a skeleton figure.  Together with her husband she rules the underworld and her presence in your home is a reminder that marriage is "until death do you part."  Bringing her into your home can help attract a luver and spirits of the dead.

She is also known by another name MICTECACIHUATL which translates as  "Lady of the Land of the Dead." Mictecacihuatl is the  death goddess connected to the sacred Day of the Dead in Mexico or Dia de los Muertos, originally the holiday was at the end of the month of July and the beginning of August, dedicated to the children and the dead. Now the holiday falls in the beginning of November, moved by Spanish priests to coincide with All Hallows Eve, to try and convert that day to a Christian holiday.

She is a beautiful amber resin filled with amulets in the bottom of her statue.  She is approx 5" tall.

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