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Hilda's House Juju Witches Wash Blessing and Cleansing Wash, Love, Guardian Angels

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Hilda's House Juju Witches Wash Blessing and Cleansing Wash, Love, Guardian Angels

Hilda's House Juju Witches Wash is hand brewed. This wash is crafted to cleanse and bless your home and/or business. Just add one part to you floor wash or warm water to cleanse floors, doorways, window frames, altars etc. It is perfect to bless a brand new home or to clear negativity away from your existing home. This wash can also be used in your bath to cleanse and bless yourself after your house cleaning rituals!! It's also a great tool to help draw in the comfort of love and call upon your guardian angels for guidance.

Hilda's House Juju product line has been created in honor of my Grandmother Hilda who was a witch! One of my favorite stories of my grandmother was that of her “house cleaning rituals” and how she used to throw the broom in the corner and then kick everyone out for 24 hours until the house was “ready.” Although I never knew her, she is the inspiration and co-creator as she has definitely been here in spirit as I blended this special scent. A warm rich scent with a carnation overlay makes every home an absolutely comforting atmosphere after any blessing or cleansing ritual.

Hilda's House Juju Witches Wash comes in an 10oz bottle and as always made when the moon is right.   

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"A MUST HAVE in any home"

"The scent i incredible. Can't wait to try. I have purchased the stick incense of this and absolutely love it."

"I need ONE MILLION bottles of these. BLESS YESS, with this, im at ease, and it does the job! The candle and incense as well as the Hildas that you burn on a charcoal, IS AMAZING! This was the first thing I ever tried from this shop awhile back. She makes all this herself with LOVE! shes a TRUE alchemist! Did I mention beautiful , and with a huge loving heart!!!!"

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