Fuck You, I'm a Witch™ Bath Salts

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Fuck You, I'm a Witch™ Bath Salts
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These bath salts will help you see into the future, manifest things, attract luv, give you strength, enhance psychic intuition, protect you from all kinds of bullshit, and bring good juju into your life.

Bathe in this shit on your pulse points and watch the f*cking magic begin...

Rita's bath salts are a combination of 4 different types of salt, including sea salts, and natural seed scrubs and herbs to help moisturize your skin. They are perfect to just dump a spoonful into your bath tub and be absorbed into the warm water or they work fantastic as a daily body scrub (this is the way I luv to use them).

Rita's Fuck You, I'm a Witch™ bath salts come in a beautiful 8 ounce mason jar, perfect for recycling, and as always made when the moons is right.

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