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Rita's Sea people hand Brewed Ritual Oil to Open Your Emotions, Give Birth to Your Ideas, Feel Close to Your Ebb and Flow

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Rita's Sea people hand Brewed Ritual Oil to Open Your Emotions, Give Birth to Your Ideas, Feel Close to Your Ebb and Flow

Rita's Sea People oil has been designed for just that, people who need to be near the sea, water signs and people who wear their emotions on their sleeve. Sea People. People who feel grounded in front of the ocean and out of sorts when they are too far from a moving body of water. This oil is perfect to calm the ebb and flow of sea people while allowing them to articulate their emotion without emotional cause. If you love the ocean or the sea, and your heart calms when near it, this is for you. Keep the Sea close to your heart even when you are not!

Perfect to use for any healing, cleansing, purification, love or water ritual, perfect to honor the spirits of the water and the West, and keep your ebb and flow going on land ;) 

"Water stands for deep "open" emotions, for the acceptance of diversity and the will for the new. Water also represents the contemplative moment, the searching in your inner self, for the discovering of the deepest and darkest things of yourself but also for unleashed chaos, for uncertainty without a goal. Water, in opposition to the stability of Earth, stands for inspiration, for creation, for giving birth to ideas, longings and hopes, for moving and for changing. But the flowing and the constant re-arrangement as well as the inherent desire to increase, to overflow, to pave the way of the unknown, are also the Water's strength. Water is the first idea to get started, reaching for a goal.

A heavy emphasis of Water element signs puts you closely in touch with your feelings, and in tune with the nuances and subtleties in your environment that others won't even notice. You approach life and understand it through your emotions, and you're really at your best when you "play your hunches." You don't intellectualize about things; you respond exactly how you feel. Water sign people are very attuned to their feelings. An intense sensitivity permits you to experience the heights of emotional bliss, but it can also take you to the depth of despair. Close emotional relationships are essential to your well-being and happiness. Superficial affairs are few, and less than satisfying. Romantic, sentimental, and affectionate, there must be a stable and secure bond between you and your partner. When you are happily situated in such a bond, you can be a very nurturing type. You can be "smothering" toward your children, and very possessive of your mate. You are not one who can subscribe to the code "live and let live." You communicate best in non-verbal ways; emotionally, psychically, or through forms as art, dance, music, poetry and photography. You have a natural feel and sense for the arts. You're apt to let the heart rule the head. You may change your mind as often as your moods change, but rarely do the facts sway your beliefs."

Rita's Sea People oil comes in a 1/8 ounce perfume roller bottle and as always made when the moon is right.  

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