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Rita's Spanish Verbena Spiritual Mist Spray to Sweep and Purify

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Rita's Spanish Verbena Spiritual Mist Spray to Sweep and Purify
Rita's Verbena Spiritual Mist Spray has been designed to help you sweep and purify your magical space, tools and person. It is a potent tool for cleansing and blessing.

"Verbena is a profoundly magical herb belonging to the sphere of Venus. Roman priests and priestesses used it as an altar plant - it was tied in bundles and used to ritually "sweep" and purify the altar. Druids placed it in water that was sprinkled on worshipers as a blessing."

Using this spray after your bath or shower will help to empower your or place you under the influence of Diana, engendering love in the one you touch.

To dispel fears, light a candle daily and bless it with a few mists of Verbena. Speak aloud a prayer to the Gods and Goddesses asking for release from your fear. Do this as long as necessary.

On the night of the full moon, go outside with a bowl filled with water, the spray and salt. Take also a candle and a piece of petrified wood. Dip the stone into the water mixture and then pass it through the candle flame. Touch the stone to your feet, hands, shoulders, and head. As you do this ask for the blessings of youth and beauty. Repeat the process seven times.

Rita's Spiritual Mist Sprays are hand brewed. Carry one with you or keep it in the home, office or car for when you need a quick cleansing. These sprays are perfect to use throughout the day to clear negativity away from your personal space and revive the energy around you.

Magical properties for Verbena include protection, purification, love and power.

Rita's Verbena Spray comes in a 4 ounce spray bottle and as always made when the moon is right!

Please note true traditional hoodoo sprays are made to be shaken upon use as some settle make occur of the juju inside, this also helps to charge the energy of the spray before you spritz. Please also note that some sprays may stain fabrics due to oils, resins and/or color even though the color is water based (most of the time washing in cool water with woolite on delicate cycle will work though).

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