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Rita's White Light Witches Salt, Drawing in the Healing Energy of White Light

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Rita's White Light Witches Salt, Drawing in the Healing Energy of White Light
Rita's White Light Salt hand brewed oil has been carefully created to draw in the healing powers of white light. White light is the space within the universe where positive energies are stored. White light can be called upon by anyone (healers, empaths, and you too!) for protection from negative energies or bad juju vibrations and to heal mind, body and soul. White light cannot come to harm or be harmed in anyway. For this reason, negative or "dirty" energies can be sent to the white light for purification and transformation. For example, after cleaning your aura, you can request that the impurities you combed out of your auric field be sent to the white light for cleansing.

Our auras are like magnets picking up vibrational energies that are floating around everywhere we go. It is important to cleanse our auras freeing them of foreign vibrations and negative energies.

Add to your bath water or sprinkle around your window sill.

Sprinkle around your ritual candles when drawing in assistants from the 7 African Powers.

Sprinkle the salt over your person or photo of a person you are healing.

Use in your mojo bags, for candle blessing or to blow into the four winds while wishing for the assistance you need.

Rita’s White Light Witches Salt comes in a large 1oz glass bottle, and as always made when the moon is right.


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