Rita's Hoodoo Spellvelopes™ - Banish, Reverse & Protect

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Rita's Hoodoo Spellvelopes™ - Banish, Reverse & Protect
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Rita's Hoodoo Spellvelopes™ are perfect for the City Witch, Mama Housewitch or anyone who has limited time but needs a quick energy spell to get things moving again. They have been designed with the proper herbs, incense, roots, flowers and oils that has been ground up into a fine powder. The powder and all of it's magic intent was then poured into a beautiful envelope with corresponding color and sealed with a wax stamp to finalize the energy.

These envelopes are to be burned while reciting the mantra prayer that comes with them for a quick and easy energy drawing ritual. They pack a powerful punch and smell divine!

This listing is for a Banish, Reverse & Protect Spellvelope.

. Burn this when unwanted energies have penetrated your world, banish them and protect yourself from further conflict.

*You will receive one hoodoo spellvelope per purchase.

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