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Rita's Kyphi Hand Brewed Ritual Oil for Transformation, Manifestation, Dreamwork, Psychic Enhancement

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Rita's Kyphi Hand Brewed Ritual Oil for Transformation, Manifestation, Dreamwork, Psychic Enhancement

Rita's Kyphi ritual oil has been made in the same tradition as the Kyphi incense.  Made from sixteen ingredients, it is a creation that is started at the new moon with ingredients slowly being added until fruition at the full moon then let sit to set until the new moon. This oil is especially potent to add strength during a period of transformation or manifestation as well as particularly good for rituals involving dreams and the enhancement of psychic abilities.

Kyphi is sacred to the God Khepri. Khepri gradually came to be considered as an embodiment of the sun itself, and therefore was a solar deity. To explain where the sun goes at night, such pushing was extended to the underworld, Khepri's pushing of the sun being ceaseless. His name translates as "the transforming strength"

"Coins of Greece and other Greek influenced kingdoms had coins using the King's profile and the word epi(ph)anous, namely basileus epi(ph)anous, (King-Manifested). Example: Kheper-i kheper kheperu, kheper-kuy,m kheper n khepri kheperu m sep tepy. “I became, and the becoming became. I became by becoming the form of Khepra, god of transformations, who came into being in the First Time. Through me all transformations were enacted.”

Rita's Kyphi oil comes in a 1/8 ounce perfume roller bottle and as always made when the moon is right.

Client Feedback:

"This smells really nice - starts a little woodsy and fresh and dries down to a lovely resinous and spicy scent. I look forward to using it as I figure out my new business."

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