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Rita's Psychic Divorce Hand Brewed Ritual Oil to Rid of People, Thoughts or Situations Consuming Your Thoughts

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Rita's Psychic Divorce Hand Brewed Ritual Oil to Rid of People, Thoughts or Situations Consuming Your Thoughts

Rita's Psychic Divorce ritual oil has been designed to get rid of a person, thought or situation that has been weighing down your thoughts and manipulating your energy.  All too often we let someone or something eat us up alive, which then affects everything we do, how we act and think, how we speak and react.  This becomes all consuming and a tireless waste of energy.  This oil will help you to psychically divorce the situation, person or thoughts by freeing you of another's power over you, protecting you from treachery and deception, command and twist any negative though pattern and return to it's origin.  Finally it will banish and cleanse you of psychic impurities, healing and stimulating your psychic senses.

Rita's Psychic Divorce oil comes in a 1/6 ounce perfume roller bottle and as always made when the moon is right.

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Client Review:

"Psychic Divorce. Severance. The untangling of entwined energies. This Rita's Spiritual Goods oil is incredibly potent, matching the wearer's intent immediately. Top notes are almost medicinal to mark the clean break. I've used this oil to break energies with people and things. Even concepts. Base notes are sweet and nurturing, like an assurance that I've done "the right thing" procuring the metaphysical release. A powerful tool, indeed. "

"I have a lady that watches my every move on the internet and has called my job and just has been bothersome. It was worrying me to death wondering what she would do next. This oil has made the worrying reduce little by little every day."

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