Rita's Full Moon Hand Brewed Ritual Oil - Celebrate the Full Moon, Honor Mama Moon, Draw on Powerful Female Energies

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Rita's Full Moon Hand Brewed Ritual Oil - Celebrate the Full Moon, Honor Mama Moon, Draw on Powerful Female Energies
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Rita's Full Moon ritual oil has been designed to help you celebrate the full moon, honor Mama energies and to draw on powerful female aspects of the moon and the magic they bring.

The full moon is a lunar peak of power each month. It allows you to amplify any magical energy or ritual you have been working with and help to increase your cone of power.  It is a highly charged time which means emotions can flow over and people's energy may drive them to do things they wouldn't typically do. Rita's Full Moon oil should be worn a few days before the full moon to help to direct your energy in a positive manner and prepare you to manifest at your fullest. It will help keep emotions on a low tide and rather power emotions for positive outcomes, such as forgiveness, transformation and kindness. Working with this oil on top of any other ritual perfume you are using to manifest will help enforce it's powers and peak your magical workings. Perfect for any moon witch.

Rita's Full Moon Ritual oil comes in a 1/8 ounce perfume roller bottle and as always made when the moon is right.

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Client Review:

"This oil glows with all the magnetism and intoxicating brilliance of the full moon herself. It has the presence of a Queen; supremely elegant with a refined and glamorous radiance. The aroma reminds me of the period in spring when the trees burst forth with white blooms, their fragrance riding high in the shifting winds. The dewy scent deepens into a sumptuous reverie with creamy and silken accents. I felt this scent echoing all around me when I wore it, as though it had carved out an empty space where no tension or pressure could enter. It has a serene beauty, imparting a measure of grace to me during the high drama of the full moon. This is a new monthly staple for me!"

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