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Rita's Obstacle Remover Spiritual Mist Spray to Open Roads, Remove Obstacles, Channel Ganesh to Impart Wisdom and Success

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Rita's Obstacle Remover Spiritual Mist Spray to Open Roads, Remove Obstacles, Channel Ganesh to Impart Wisdom and Success
"Wherever there is Ganesh, there is Success and Prosperity" and "Wherever there is Success and Prosperity there is Ganesh". He is the lord of wisdom, intelligence, education, prudence, luck and fortune, gates, doors, doorways, household and writing. He is the remover of obstacles, and believed to be the harbinger of good fortune.

I channeled Ganesh while creating this magical blend as well as dug deep into the roots of a little hoodoo and added a splash of road opener.

This spray also clears negativity in the home or surrounding you. VERY powerful for this use as well. 

Rita's Obstacle Remover Spiritual Mist Spray comes in a 4 ounce spray bottle  and as always made when the moon is right.

Please note true traditional hoodoo sprays are made to be shaken upon use as some settle make occur of the juju inside, this also helps to charge the energy of the spray before you spritz.  Please also note that some sprays may stain fabrics due to oils, resins and/or color even though the color is water based (most of the time washing in cool water with woolite on delicate cycle will work though).

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Client Feedback:

"It's sooo goood! Nicely packaged, smells wonderful! Couldn't ask for anything more. I'll definitely be back for more - thank you!"

"its been working since i used it...*"

"This is a great spray! I stepped outside to greet the mailman and forgot to grab my keys so the door slammed shut and locked behind me. I laughed at the thought of this actually working but I opened the box, sprayed the door and tried to open it, thinking it would work that waylol but 5 seconds later the maintenance guy comes out of the unit next to mine and opens my door for me! So happy with my purchases!..."

"Many positive changes occurred after spraying around the house. The smell of this spray is perfect."

"Another amazing product from Rita's shop, the energy that comes off this spray is amazing, and the scent is wonderful!"

"I'm happy to say that this item works well. For a long time i was hesitant to try sprays but now i can't live without them particularily this one. I love how it smells and I've gotten so many compliments when I've sprayed in my home. As far as how it works, it works fast! Obstacles practically disappear before my very eyes! This and everything I've purchased from this shop have never ever let me down! I highly recommend"

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