Rita's Nirvana Ritual Hand Brewed Oil to Help You Be Free from Suffering, Pain and Worry from this World

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Rita's Nirvana Ritual Hand Brewed Oil to Help You Be Free from Suffering, Pain and Worry from this World
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Rita's Nirvana oil has been designed to help free your mind from the world around you. To free your spirit of constant karmic cycles that cause suffering and pain and to release the bondage of hate, greed and delusion. The freer your spirit, mind and soul are the more open you are to happiness harmony and the gift this life has to bring you.

With nirvāṇa the consciousness is released, and the mind becomes aware in a way that is totally unconstrained by anything in the conditioned world.


Rita’s Nirvana oil comes in a 1/8 ounce roller bottle and as always made when the moon is right! New and improved recipe!

♡ ☾ ♡ CLIENT REVIEW ♡ ☾ ♡

"Nirvana lives up to its name! This oil is deep, rich, and full bodied. It is a sensual and powerful scent without being loud, it has a quiet strength. Nirvana begins with an exotically sweet and spicy kick that unfolds into a creamy dream like aroma that lasts all day. This delicate push - pull makes it an impossible to nail down scent that is both sophisticated and cozy. This one takes me deeper into myself AND does the grunt work of destroying all negativity. I’ll be using Nirvana oil every time I need to clear away all the psychic debris that separates me from my higher self."


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