Rita's Ritual Candles Client Feedback

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Rita's Ritual Candles Client Feedback
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As always this vigil candles are just beautiful. My intuition is increasing and I feel my third eye and chakra opening, like someone is touching those points. Its pretty awesome.

This smells amazing! Thanks for another wonderful candle, Rita!

Looks really nice. Cannot wait to use it!

Stunning candle, love love love these so much. Love Lord Ganesh and He is happily removing all those pesky obstacles in my life :)

Perfection! The la madama things you brew are fan-fricken-tastic!

I really resonate with this candle. It showed up in my life at the perfect time. It's well made and beautiful. Hopefully, it will put more aspects of my life into perspective for me. The smell is lovely and fills the whole house with good vibes. I love Mia's candles!

I haven't starting burning this candle yet (I sort of don't want to). It's so beautiful! It is difficult to find items that involve Saraswati. I am thankfully for Mia's creative and thinking outside of the box to create this magical candle.

Mia always comes through - thanks for EVERYTHING!

Thanks so much once more! Great candles!

Rita can't go wrong! First time ordering a taper and now I need more!

The fragrance of this candle along with it's juju is now one of my absolute favorites!

Smells wonderful! I can't wait to summon prosperity! Great juju! Will definitely purchase more candles in the future! Come on money!

I burned this just recently. I'm confident it will help.

Mia's candles are amazing! They always have such positive energy and are easy to work with. Not to mention, they are beautiful additions to the home.

This candle works. I wish I had in bigger size. Can't wait for more.

I always love Rita's candle juju!

I burned this candle on my Beltane altar. Great juju.


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