welcome to rita's spiritual goods, your home for good juju!

About Rita's

Rita's Spiritual Goods is your place for good juju, tools created and inspired by the energy and spirit of real life, what you need when you need it. I channel the magic of the energy in each moment of real life, whether it is happy, sad, frustration, confusion, quiet, meditation, bliss, love, pain, family, friends, foes etc., and let those moments inspire me into creation. Each recipe is unique to its own and each magical working full of love and energy and always made when the moon is right.

I have had many magical things happen in my life and experienced many unexplained events. I believe whole heartedly in the spirit that embodies everything around us and within us. I believe in earth angels, guardian angels and ghosts. I believe in fairies. I believe in signs. I believe in soul mates and kindred spirits. I believe in rituals and praying. I believe in positive energy. Most of all I believe in the magic we all have within us.

I was blessed to have three (3x3x3) wonderful souls influence my life, one a Hoodoo Dr., a mentor,  who taught me more than I ever imagined, the second one an angel of mystical consciousness, and the third was my grandmother who died right before I was born...

My grandmother was a mama city witch, just like me, and I like to believe she has not only passed her gifts onto me but has quietly guided me along my way. I believe my gift is to create the tools to help energize your world with positive light and magical energy, to help guide you on your spiritual and life path. I believe in bringing many souls together who share the same love and light and supporting one another on our paths.

I have been a witch in practice for over 20 years, and almost 5 years ago started to see the signs that it was time to share my juju with the world. Inspired by the birth of my daughter and all the light she brought into my life, I decided to open a shop on Etsy.  Each year it has grown into bigger and better things, and each year I am blessed to meet like minds and beautiful souls.  I am surrounded by amazing clients I consider my "Rita Family" and kindred souls I am so happy to have found through my shop.  It is so much more that I ever thought it could be and I am grateful everyday to be able to share my work with you.  There are many unique gifts to be found here and I hope you can feel all the love and work I put into my juju, and that any product your choose can help make your impossible wishes possible or your path lighter and brighter.

I hope you find a home here at Rita's and thank you for stopping by!

Much luv & light,

Mama Mia