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Rita's Sandalwood Spiritual Mist Spray to Help Make Your Life a Sacred Act

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Rita's Sandalwood Spiritual Mist Spray to Help Make Your Life a Sacred Act
Rita's Spiritual Mist Sprays are hand brewed. Carry one with you or keep it in the home, office or car for when you need a quick cleansing. These sprays are perfect to use throughout the day to clear negativity away from your personal space and revive the energy around you.

This is a beautiful blend that can be worn by men and women alike.

Sandalwood is ruled by the Moon. It is also attributed the properties of the element of water. In magical aromatherapy, sandalwood essential oil is used to enhance spirituality and meditation. It is also extensively used in healing magic. It will help you focus your attention, attract love, increase clairvoyance and call your spirit helpers to you. Wear this to make sure your hopes, dreams and desires come true. Anoint third eye to increase clairvoyance.

It is used in magical aromatherapy due to its ability to induce a peaceful state of mind. It is useful when preparing for spells and rituals of all kinds. Inhale the earthy scent of sandalwood essential oil prior to magic work, religious ritual or meditation to create the proper mood and help shift the consciousness.

Sandalwood is known as one of the true aphrodisiacs and as such, is used in magical aromatherapy it can stimulate sexual desire or cure mental sexual dysfunctions in men and women. Inhale the scent while visualizing your self in a healthy, happy sexual relationship. Or, inhale the scent before getting intimate with your significant other to spice things up.

Sandalwood is also used to speed the healing process of the body, use in your bathwater and visualize yourself as completely healthy and whole. If there is a particular part of your body that needs healing, use the proper visualization. See the energy of the sandalwood essential oil doing its work and healing your body in your mind's eye.

Rita's Sandalwood Mist Spray comes in a 4 oz Glass Spray Bottle made with pure essential oil and infused rose petals for a potent sweet smelling blend, and as always made when the moon is right. All mist sprays are original recipes unique to Rita's Spiritual Goods.

Please note true traditional hoodoo sprays are made to be shaken upon use as some settle make occur of the juju inside, this also helps to charge the energy of the spray before you spritz. Please also note that some sprays may stain fabrics due to oils, resins and/or color even though the color is water based (most of the time washing in cool water with woolite on delicate cycle will work though).

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