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Exotic Attars

Rita’s Exotic Amber Attar Resin Ritual Oils - BELLA BEAN - Beauty, Confidence, Success, Creativity, Good Luck

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Rita’s Exotic Amber Attar Resin Ritual Oils - BELLA BEAN - Beauty, Confidence, Success, Creativity, Good Luck
Rita’s Exotic Amber Attar Resin Ritual Oils have been designed with the highest quality amber resins, setting a rich base to create exotic signature scented attar oils. Each of the four distinct blends were made by fusing amber resins and sweet almond oil together for months. Once the compound was set each individual base was then merged with a magickal oil recipe, designed solely by Rita's.  These oils are superior scent wise and the properties will permeate your skin for hours changing ever so subtly along with your energy.

Rita's Bella Bean exotic amber attar resin oil has been created to invite good luck into your life, enhance self confidence, attract people to you on all levels, boost your happiness level, bring good fortune and just make your feel absolutely beautiful. The biggest problem with this oil i that you are going to luv it so much you might want to eat you...and beware others may want to eat you too, OH MY! .

Rita’s Exotic Amber Attar Resin Ritual Oils come in a 1/8 ounce decorative perfume bottle with plastic applicator, and as always made when the moon is right. Please note these oils are rich, to charge the oil and warm the resins, roll the bottle in your hands before applying. You will receive ONE per purchase.

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Client Review:

"This is the most luxurious, delectable, creamy smooth scent in the Rita line! It’s as impossible to resist as that calorie rich, ultra decadent dessert you swore you wouldn’t indulge in. A sumptuous gourmand, this oil feels like an aromatic snapshot of a glamorous woman in a silk robe sitting down at her vanity table. Soft pink lights illuminate her plush surroundings. Cakes of fragrant cosmetic powder and a pastel box of French macaroons scent the air. She weaves a web of enchantment with her graceful charms and perfumed aura that is just as much for her own enjoyment as it is for anyone lucky enough to be in her presence. She creates a kind of altar to her womanhood and sensuality, reclaiming beauty as a spiritual practice. Bella Bean is a reminder that pleasure and femininity are not frivolous, they are gifts from the divine."

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