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Rita's 7 Day Ritual Altar Candles

Rita's unique hand crafted ritual candles are a one of a kind object of art and magic.  They come fully blessed, dressed and adorned with all the magic you need for your ritual working, just petition and light! Candle magic is my favorite form of ritual work. It combines the 3 magical principles of concentration, will power and visualization to heighten your energy and bring your wishes to fruition. It continues to become an extension of your mental power and energy as it burns allowing their vibrations to fill your sacred space. Rita's 7 day candles will burn for approx 7 days depending on consecutive burn hours and burning conditions.

**Please note candle color will vary per purchase and candle NO LONGER come with glitter tops as depicted in some pictures**

I DO NOT do readings on candles you purchase and burn on your own. THANK YOU!