• Rita's Quartz Point Ritual Healing Spell

    Rita’s Quartz Point Ritual Spell

    by: Mia @ Rita's


    This ritual is based on energy drawing.


    For this ritual you will need the following tools:

    Rita's Rough Quartz Point Crystal

    Photo of Subject (Person or Animal)

    Rita's White Light Ritual Oil

    Rita's White Light Ritual Candle


    Cleanse the rock in rose water and ocean water (may be substituted with sea salt water) by the light of the sun or the moon. 


    Find of photo of yourself, your pet or of the like whom you are drawing the energy to. 

    For example if a family member is in poor health and you are drawing down healing energies you would use a picture of that family member.  Or maybe you are trying to get pregnant, than you would use a picture of you and your significant other, so on and so forth.


    Choose an oil that corresponds to the energy you are drawing.

    For example pomegranate for fertility, rose for love, or use an oil blend such as love, money, protection etc.


    Clear a space on you altar for the photo and the candle and begin and begin to focus on the photo and the specific body part that coincides with the energy being drawn in.

    For example hands for money, heart for love, head for will power or the body part that is ailing if this is a healing ritual, head for headache etc. 


    If it is protection you are seeking draw a circle around the person or animal with the point of the quartz, then set the quartz on top of the person or pet with the point touching part of the edge of the circle Pointing the crystal facing upwards, opens the upper chakras, and facilitates meditative states and psychic awareness Pointing it downwards helps ground


    The next step is to repeat the following mantra three times as you light the white ritual blessing candle:


    Crystal energies drawing near

    White light focus on the sphere

    In the photo whom I hold dear

    ________, (name the part and the energy ie.:heal my mother’s ankle)


    3x3x3 loving powers that be

    Bring this energy wish to me.


    Blessed Be!

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