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Things You Should Know About Candles

mia van eijmeren

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by: Mia @ Rita's

Candle magic is my favorite form of ritual work. It combines the 3 magical principles of concentration, will power and visualization to heighten your energy and bring your wishes to fruition. It continues to become an extension of your mental power and energy as it burns allowing their vibrations to fill your sacred space.

I use white candles the most in my work as white embodies all colors and I feel brings the strongest light energy and protection to the ritual. I use color candles when I am in need of triple action strength in one particular area. I bless and dress the candle for each specific use to draw in energies of love, money, protection, healing etc.

The procedure of blessing and dressing your candles is just as important, if not more so than actually burning the light. All of Rita’s candles have been blessed and dressed for each specific use, the work has been done for you. They are fully charged and ready to use upon receipt. Therefore I suggest purchasing candle blessing oil and candle blessing powder for all of your personal ritual candle needs

Some more good things to know about candles...

  1. Always light a candle with your right hand for good fortune.
  2. If a candles goes out immediately after you light it, bad luck is to follow
  3. Never singe the base of the candle to make it fit firmly, this brings misfortune
  4. Never light a candle from a fire's flame, it will render you poor
  5. If there is a terrible storm outside, white a light candle for protection from harm
  6. Lighting a candle for a child's birth, honors the spirit of the child coming into this world
  7. Lighting a candle after the death of a loved one shows the spirit the way into it's next carnation
  8. Lighting a candle on one's birthday reminds you of your own light and honor's thyself
  9. Lighting a candle for birth and death protects those souls against evil
  10. A candle that goes out during a ritual indicates the presence of a restless spirit
  11. A candle flame that burns blue means spirits are present
  12. Candle wax that winds around the base of the candle indicates spirits are present
  13. The way a flame moves can be used as a form of divination
  14. If a candle will not light, a storm is coming
  15. A candle that sparks is an indication of news that is coming
  16. If a person can revive a flame without extinguishing it, it means their heart is pure
  17. Seeing a ring in the candle flame indicates, marriage, souls mates
  18. A lump of soot on a candle wick means a stranger will soon appear
  19. Blowing out all of your birthday candles at once is said to seal your wish in the smoke of the candles and carry them to the heavens
  20. For blessings and luck all candles lit in celebration should never be blown out
  21. Bayberry candles should be gifted on New Year's to friends who you wish luck, prosperity and health and burned completely on the New Year for best effects.
  22. If a candle falls and breaks in two, double trouble will come to you
  23. A drip down the side of a candle during a seance means that death is nearbye
  24. Dreaming of a candle is an indication of spiritual understanding
  25. If a candle flame goes out during a marriage ceremony it means the marriage will end in sorrow
  26. The flame of a candle is considered a spirit and when you light your cigarette from it you steal a part of the spirits soul
  27. A lit candle in a jack-o-lantern drives evil spirits away.
..."like a moth to a flame burned by the fire..."

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  • Hi my namesJoseph Maestas

    Joseph Maestas

  • I appreciate your list of things to know about candles I cant wait to use this information to further my journey, but I was hoping I could ask for advice. I lit two candles one night. One blue and one white. It looked to me that a spirit of a woman had wondered into my candle magice. I am fairly new at this and have nothing but good intentions. I am curious if this has happened to you or what you would do in that situation. I knew to leave her be but I went over and as soon as i organized my crystals she made a angry sound and lwas gone. Should I worry?


  • Hi
    Why one shd not blow a candle but put it off by hand or something

    bishara ghawi

  • If my candles are still lit I light them for the two twins I lost Friday but I still feel bad luck alot as if someone is trying to hinder me

    Shanee Scullark

  • I lit 5 candles last night 1 red 1 green 1 pink 1 orango & 1 gold candle. These are the stick candles not glass. But the gold candle had thee biggest flame & I fell asleep with all 5 still lit now when I woke up 4 of the 5 are still lit. But the gold one literally disappear no candle at all left behind. What is the meaning behind that. As far as the rest they still are lit even with me writing now & they all seem to be around the same length any meaning behind that as well.


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