• Soul Mates

    by: Mia @ Rita's

    Recently I have had many requests for ritual candles for people to find their soul mates. So many requests in fact I have decided to share and create the exact candles I used to draw in my soul mate, of course with a few extra "Rita" touches.

    This is my story.

    In fall of 2012 a friend of mind asked me to join her on a trip to one of my favorite occult shops in town, of course I never refused these trips as juju shopping was my favorite thing to do.  At the time she had just gone through a rather painful divorce and was looking for a little fresh and easy luv, some passion, some play and frisky dating.  I on the other hand was already there.  I had also gone through a divorce a yearish earlier and a really bad rebound. So for me, I was merely company for her on this trip.

    When we walked in the shop I b-lined straight to the oils and started sniffing away as she wandered around until she found one of the witches to help her.  As they were over in the corner of the store deciding upon which penis candle she needed, the witch shouted out "and YOU, your soul mate is around the corner," to which I politely ignored her. She yelled over to me again "YOU, did you hear me?  Your soul mate is around the corner" of course not being able to ignore her this time I responded with a "no, no we are here for my friend today, I am not looking for anything" she again pressured the subject "NO I am telling you, your soul mate is around the corner" frustrated by my lack of "care" she walked over to me with two candles handed them to me, and said "burn these."  Of course me being me, there was no way I was not going to buy them and burn them.

    I was in such a place that I was not ready to jump into a relationship, yet again, and was quite enjoying my "freedom."  Regardless, I bought the candles. And on the next new moon to full moon, I burned them.  About 3 weeks after the burn I was having a rather bad week and a friend came by to "take me out."  He insisted I get dressed and we go out because he had some place special to bring me.  Well I did, and we went, and I was horrified. Although totally sweet, he took me to a place to hear some of my favorite music, it was a nightmare of a crowd. So I spent most of my evening on the patio smoking (yes I smoked). While outside a boy approached me to let me know he "wasn't hitting on me, but that I was standing in his spot."  Well from that point on we talked the rest of the night and upon leaving exchanged numbers and an awkward accidental kiss. He is European and did the three kiss thing and I thought by the third one I should just go for it, haha.

    Anyway, Over the next month I called him once to hang out to which he blew me off, and then one more time to which I left a message on his answer machine and proceeded to throw out his number.  I was currently dating around and had no need to waste my time chasing anyone.  Then one night out of the blue, he called.  I happened to be on my way out with friends but invited him to join.  From here I will give the cliff notes...

    We went out on a Saturday, the next week I saw him every night until the following Saturday when I was given a closet in his apartment.  Within two weeks I had a key and had spoken to his family on the phone in the Netherlands.  Within a month and a half he told me he luved me, within three months we were living together and in 6 months we got married. Skip down the road, now we have two beautiful children and just celebrated our 9th anniversary.

    Within three months of working this ritual burn I found and fell in luv with the man I call my soul mate, best friend, husband, luver and father of my children. All I know is this candle pair worked for me. The empty glass pillars to this day sit on my altar as a reminder of the first moment he was really brought into my world.  Even though I was reluctant to work this ritual (and it showed in the burn), when I did, I did it with the

    belief that he was out there and was going to find me, and he did.....this is what I call magic ;)



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