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Hot Foot Powder Photo Ritual Spell to Rid of Unwanted People

mia van eijmeren

by: Mia @ Rita's

Hot Foot Powder is a old traditional hoodoo recipe used to get rid of your enemies by laying the powder in their shoe or footsteps so they will walk away.

In the same tradition Rita's Hot Foot Hoodoo Powder has been designed to get rid of bullies, enemies, negative energy sent by others, people you just do not want around.  You can sprinkle this powder on your door step or around your home to keep away unwanted visitors, sales people etc. Sprinkle it around your mailbox to keep bad news at bay.  You can add a bit of this to any banish and reverse candle or ritual fire. Put a pin in or under the shoe of your enemy, ex luver, to make them walk away from you for good, or use in conjunction with a photo ritual on the person you need to exit your life.

 Below is a perfect ritual to use when you are not able to place a pinch of hot foot powder in your enemies shoe or in the path of their footstep.

 For this ritual you will need a vial of Rita's Hot Foot Powder, a photo of the enemy, bully, ex luver or person you are wishing to rid from your life, an empty jar or bottle, wax from a black candle and vinegar.

 Be sure to preform this ritual during a waning moon phase as this will give you the best results. Clear your space, and open your circle or prepare your space for work in your own ritual manner.

 Take the picture and focus your intent of ridding the person from your life. Fill the empty bottle or jar with vinegar and add a few pinches of hot foot powder while reciting the following:

 (Name of Person)

You have crossed the line with me, hot foot hoodoo says walk away from me.

Now I have to banish thee.

 (Now insert the photo of the person into the bottle)

If you walk near, it won't be for long, you will be forced to leave, it is time to move on.

 (Now close the bottle and seal it with black wax)

You have damaged me enough, you have taken your toll, hot foot hoodoo will burn through your sole.

 (Pick up the jar and swirl it in a counter clockwise motion three times)

Hot foot hoodoo says heed this day, hot food hoodoo says walk away, hot foot hoodoo says the time has come for you to move right along.

 When you are finished you can store this jar or bottle behind your toilet, or under the sink, repeating the words of the spell during a waning moon, swirling the water in a counter clockwise motion, as often as you need until the person has walked away. Once they are gone you can bury the jar or simply throw it out in your trash.


















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  • Hi i am in Singapore. Do you do shipping over to Singapore and how much is the cost?


  • I have been reading about Hot Foot Powder for awhile and It has really peaked my interest having found your site.


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