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Beltane May Pole Ribbon Ritual

mia van eijmeren

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Beltane May Pole Ribbon Ritual

Gather an array of colored ribbons you are drawn to. Symbolically each ribbon is approximately as long as you are tall, representing your physical self. Be sure that your altar set up includes each of the four elements. Each ribbon represents one aspect of your life that you'd like to draw closer to you (while realizing the constraints that doing so might imply).   During your Beltane celebration you will braid your ribbon when you are ready to focus on those aspects you would like to draw closer to you. Take your time while you braid concentrating on these properties and...

Striking a Balance: Without and Within

by: Debra Miller The full moon of July marked the one year anniversary of the first ritual for our new Circle. It began as the result of a year’s study of Magic in its many forms under a wonderful teacher, Matthew Ellenwood of the Brotherhood of the Phoenix. Long story short, the last two years of my life have been all about practicing Magic. This has not always been the case. While I have called myself Witch since the late 1980’s and have participated in and founded many circles and study groups, I’ve gotten “stuck” several times in my life,...

Honoring the Ancestors ~ Musings of a Prairie Witch

mia van eijmeren

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by: Hannah Goodman Finally after many years banished to wander in strange lands, my feet touch my homeland.   I never thought I would find my way back home again. Home. Here I am full again, here I am whole. Some people may be made for traveling, only living when they are on a journey. I am not one of those kind. I need to be where my people are from, where I know they lived and died, all connected by blood. This is my source of power, the land, the sky and my family. Othala in its true form, rune...

Hot Foot Powder Photo Ritual Spell to Rid of Unwanted People

mia van eijmeren

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by: Mia @ Rita's Hot Foot Powder is a old traditional hoodoo recipe used to get rid of your enemies by laying the powder in their shoe or footsteps so they will walk away. In the same tradition Rita's Hot Foot Hoodoo Powder has been designed to get rid of bullies, enemies, negative energy sent by others, people you just do not want around.  You can sprinkle this powder on your door step or around your home to keep away unwanted visitors, sales people etc. Sprinkle it around your mailbox to keep bad news at bay.  You can add a...

Things You Should Know About Candles

mia van eijmeren

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