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  • Beltane May Pole Ribbon Ritual

    Gather an array of colored ribbons you are drawn to.

    Symbolically each ribbon is approximately as long as you are tall, representing your physical self. Be sure that your altar set up includes each of the four elements.

    Each ribbon represents one aspect of your life that you'd like to draw closer to you (while realizing the constraints that doing so might imply).  

    During your Beltane celebration you will braid your ribbon when you are ready to focus on those aspects you would like to draw closer to you. Take your time while you braid concentrating on these properties and noticing how it sometimes becomes difficult to braid one part more than the next, this represents your obstacles to overcome….take note in your stream of consciousness. What it is you'd like to draw to you or bring to the fullness of life within your life? What benefits will accrue to you in so doing? What is the down side in each case, and how will you handle it?

    Now gather all ribbons together and tie a knot at the top to hold them together…. Meditate on bringing all these things forth in your life and on how they will interact with each other to turn your life into a beautiful braid of happiness and well-being. Remember to envision yourself enmeshed in this braiding as it progresses. When you near the end, tie it off in similar fashion to your beginning knot.

    You'll now need to bless each ribbon by the four elements. Take your time in doing this. Pass each one through the incense smoke (Air), over a candle flame (Fire), sprinkle each with water (Water), and pass each through a bowl of sea salt (Earth). 

    You will end this by blessing the finished braid with your body. After all, your body symbolically lies at the heart of the braid. Breathe on it (Air). Gather it to your heart (Fire). Spit on it or lick it (Water). Coil it up and stand with it under your foot for a few moments (Earth).

    You will wear your braid now, or carry it on your person for the rest of the day and/or night, much like you will your mojo bag. You may carry it with you for as long as you wish or you can keep it on your altar for the coming seasons of growth and harvest….a reminder of what you have sown.

    You will keep this braid for the following Beltane celebration, at this time you can revisit your colors and their meanings and see what you have been successful at drawing near and what you still need to work on. You will then burn this braid in the fire as an offering of thanks and create a new one for the New Year to come.

    As always give thanks to the powers that be.

    Blessed Be!


    **I like to pick colors according to instinct before I know their meaning. Once you choose your color on instinct you can go back to the color properties and see if they match what you are seeking, most of the time they do and sometimes a color slips in that you NEED without knowing it**

    You can learn more about color properties here:

    Black Grounding, wisdom, learning, protection, safety, reversing, uncrossing, hexing, repelling black magic, banishing negativity, releasing, defense.
    Blue Communication, will power, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, weight loss, truth, patience, harmony, removing bad vibrations, astral projection, water.
    Brown House blessing, animal magic, earth magic, concentration, material goods, stability, locating lost objects, earth.
    Copper Business Success.
    Gold Fortune, abundance, prosperity, fast luck, sun energy, positive attitude, justice, health, attraction, healing.
    Gray Contemplation, removing negative influence, peace, reflection.


    Prosperity, abundance, money, growth, luck, fertility.
    Indigo Spiritual guidance, psychic ability, dignity, divination, meditation, ambition, healing.
    Lavender      Knowledge, intuition.
    Light Blue Spirituality, tranquility, peace, hope.
    Orange Creativity, self-expression, overcoming obstacles, joy, business success, ambition.
    Pink Love, compassion, nurturing, femininity, friendship, romance, partnership, spiritual growth, emotional healing, harmony, self-luv.
    Purple Wisdom, influence, spiritual power, change karma.
    Red Passion, vitality, strength, survival, fertility, courage, sexual potency, action, fire.
    Silver Feminine divinity, stability, psychic awareness, intuition, dreams, moon magic.
    Violet Spirituality, connection to higher self, insight, clarity.
    White All purpose, unity, purity, cleansing, peace, balance, spirituality, healing, air.


    Pleasure, success, happiness, persuasion, inspiration, imagination, charm, confidence.

  • Striking a Balance: Without and Within

    by: Debra Miller

    The full moon of July marked the one year anniversary of the first ritual for our new Circle. It began as the result of a year’s study of Magic in its many forms under a wonderful teacher, Matthew Ellenwood of the Brotherhood of the Phoenix. Long story short, the last two years of my life have been all about practicing Magic.

    This has not always been the case. While I have called myself Witch since the late 1980’s and have participated in and founded many circles and study groups, I’ve gotten “stuck” several times in my life, and the unresolved questions have always been about the balance between “the way its always been done” and the way that comes from within. In nearly every book on Magic, Water is always in the West, Air in the East; but I live in Chicago where the prevailing wind comes from the west- with everything from gentle breezes to tornadoes and to the east lays the inland sea of Lake Michigan. What’s a witch to do? Call across the circle to the powerful source that demands recognition? Switch the elements? Just follow the instruction manual because that’s the way we do it in the Northern Hemisphere? This very question kept me stuck for 10 years. For 10 years I hardly ever prayed. For 10 years I rarely engaged my Gods. I was riveted to the midworld by one question. The question of balance.

    It was a rant on this very subject to Matthew that prompted him to ask if I would like to study with him for a year. And what a year- I learned to find the balance between homework and work, between mandatory meditations and laundry, between required reading and maintaining relationships with friends and family. But what does this have to do with Magic?

    As a founding member of a new circle I find myself once more asking the question ‘Where is the point of balance between what has always been done and personal gnosis?’. In Mystery School we were required to write several rituals, and more importantly, daily prayers. I agonized over every word. I searched ancient texts. I questioned every promise and every goal in every line. I am proud of my prayers, and I am proud of what I learned, and that is: that there is a power in countless years of countless witches focusing energy and will in the same direction for the same purpose. But there is a power just as valuable in the heartfelt words that come from within; distilled in tears of frustration and truth, forged by the urge of necessity and inspiration, and spoken with the voice of the poet that first put them to paper. I will still struggle with this question at each planning meeting and in the writing of each ritual as we create our own traditions, but I will never let myself be stuck again. The magic is in finding the balance.

    As above, so below; as without, so within; as the universe, so the soul.

    I leave you with the first half of my morning prayers- the part non-specific to my Goddess and God. It carries with it over a year of repetition, and at least 3 months of agony.

    I rise up

    I greet the sun in the sky

    I delight in the Earth in its cycle

    I am equal to all tasks and all things.


    I rise up

    I walk the earth in mindfulness

    I speak and act in mindfulness

    I seek to see the holiness in all things.


    I rise up

    I work to lift my spirit

    I work to lift my neighbor

    I work to do the will of the Gods in all things.


    I rise up

    I rise up

    I rise up.

    Debra Miller lives in Chicago and is a founding member of the Artisans of the Third Path. She works as an actress touring the country as Mary Todd Lincoln in “Visiting the Lincolns”; and as Jane Austen, Mary Todd Lincoln, Louisa May Alcott, and Dolley Madison for her own company Historical Women of Letters.

  • Honoring the Ancestors ~ Musings of a Prairie Witch

    by: Hannah Goodman

    Finally after many years banished to wander in strange lands, my feet touch my homeland.   I never thought I would find my way back home again. Home. Here I am full again, here I am whole. Some people may be made for traveling, only living when they are on a journey. I am not one of those kind. I need to be where my people are from, where I know they lived and died, all connected by blood. This is my source of power, the land, the sky and my family. Othala in its true form, rune of the homeland and the ancestors.   The ancestors came on the wagon trains and planted their roots here, the prairie calls only a few and settles into their blood, into their bones. My family has lived in this area so long that I am related to almost everyone. Its easy to count those who I am not a relation to. I am a scion of the hardy pioneers who did not tame this land, but became a part of it. They knew hardship and deprivation like we have never even known and brought us forth to live better and easier than they had it. Every parent wants better for their children and thus is the line of the ancestor is built.

    Isn’t every family filled with some dysfunction? I think so, damn I hope so! While I find my power in my homeland and family, they still have their problems, trust that. In all the messed up things families can do to each other there is always that one person who came come and pick up the pieces and put them back together. They are the glue. My great-grandma was that person. She was the matriarch of the family. No matter what happened or what you did, she never made you feel bad about it. She would offer a warm hug and a kind word and most importantly a prayer.   I have wandered far from the religious path I was raised on. One thing I do know, that when my great-grandma prayed, you were golden. I don’t care what she prayed to, but when she did it was filled with love, the deepest truest love. Her prayer was her expression of the love of a mother for her child, the love of a grandma for her grandchildren. Her prayers were magic! I was gone from her for a long time, but in that time she saved my life. For that I gave her my word that I would make her proud and turn myself around. My word is a bond of steel. Since then I have had four amazing children, and I try to be as good of a mother as she wanted me to be. I have 10 years off of drugs coming up. I do not look at my duty as a burden; I see it as my chance to rise! She gave me a second chance, and for that I can never repay her. Nothing will stop me from trying though! A few months after I made it back home, she passed away.   I almost feel that she waited for me to come home before she would allow herself to die. I feel vindicated in that thought.

    In my family we don’t really have funerals, we hold a Celebration of Life. If truth were told, we unmistakably made a celebration of life for my great-grandma. Her name was Viva Wynona Lockwood and she was one day to turning ninety-nine. The year she was born fell on the summer solstice, which I find rather cool. We got to celebrate her life experiences; there was joy and laughter, some sorrow and sadness, and most of all love.   I want to love like that and be loved the same way. Ninety-nine years of love. Sure she had rough times, I mean she lived through the dust bowl out here. I m sure that some days she would feel like hanging it all up and saying ‘No more of this”, don’t we all? But think! 99 YEARS OF LOVE!!!!! That was the ultimate message I finally received just today!   The legacy of the ancestors is the love that is in family. It overcomes all odds and puts aside all differences. I am lucky and proud to have my great-grandma in the hall of my ancestors whom I can gain wisdom, love and protection for my family line and me for eternity.  That is the true power of our ancestors, may we offer our love and our actions to honor them always.

    This is my personal “Celebration of Life” ritual I designed just for my great grandma and I plan to do it repeatedly over my lifetime to honor her and connect with her in a special way.  

    My altar is actually in a cupboard, four kids later, and things strangely disappear if they are left on an open altar. That’s a trick from a mama witch, store it in your back pocket. I have several things left to me from my grandma, I have her glass lamps, a bedspread she crocheted for my grandmas wedding bed, many small trinkets and I also place my Great-Aunt Phyllis’s turquoise bracelet on the altar as well. When I do this I place the blanket o the altar with a picture of how I remember her, (in) the altar are her wedding photographs, she and my great-grandpa , and a picture of their wedding day with her family. Then I had some lilac incense for this. I placed rose quartz all around, and lit a pink candle. I say:

    May my life be a blessing
    Showing honor to my clan
    I surround you with my love
    I shower you with care
    I hope to never be transgressing
    Find pride in all I do
    Protect me from above
    And teach us all to love


    Mentally I connect with my grandma, and I sit for while tell her all I need to say and ask her for a response, a dream, a feeling, or just a thought. We are only separated from our past loved ones by the thinnest veil, they are with us always.

  • Hot Foot Powder Photo Ritual Spell to Rid of Unwanted People

    by: Mia @ Rita's

    Hot Foot Powder is a old traditional hoodoo recipe used to get rid of your enemies by laying the powder in their shoe or footsteps so they will walk away.

    In the same tradition Rita's Hot Foot Hoodoo Powder has been designed to get rid of bullies, enemies, negative energy sent by others, people you just do not want around.  You can sprinkle this powder on your door step or around your home to keep away unwanted visitors, sales people etc. Sprinkle it around your mailbox to keep bad news at bay.  You can add a bit of this to any banish and reverse candle or ritual fire. Put a pin in or under the shoe of your enemy, ex luver, to make them walk away from you for good, or use in conjunction with a photo ritual on the person you need to exit your life.

     Below is a perfect ritual to use when you are not able to place a pinch of hot foot powder in your enemies shoe or in the path of their footstep.

     For this ritual you will need a vial of Rita's Hot Foot Powder, a photo of the enemy, bully, ex luver or person you are wishing to rid from your life, an empty jar or bottle, wax from a black candle and vinegar.

     Be sure to preform this ritual during a waning moon phase as this will give you the best results. Clear your space, and open your circle or prepare your space for work in your own ritual manner.

     Take the picture and focus your intent of ridding the person from your life. Fill the empty bottle or jar with vinegar and add a few pinches of hot foot powder while reciting the following:

     (Name of Person)

    You have crossed the line with me, hot foot hoodoo says walk away from me.

    Now I have to banish thee.

     (Now insert the photo of the person into the bottle)

    If you walk near, it won't be for long, you will be forced to leave, it is time to move on.

     (Now close the bottle and seal it with black wax)

    You have damaged me enough, you have taken your toll, hot foot hoodoo will burn through your sole.

     (Pick up the jar and swirl it in a counter clockwise motion three times)

    Hot foot hoodoo says heed this day, hot food hoodoo says walk away, hot foot hoodoo says the time has come for you to move right along.

     When you are finished you can store this jar or bottle behind your toilet, or under the sink, repeating the words of the spell during a waning moon, swirling the water in a counter clockwise motion, as often as you need until the person has walked away. Once they are gone you can bury the jar or simply throw it out in your trash.

















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